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Electricity: Before & After

We must never forget the impact providing power to this region has had on people like Edna Ruske, who wrote the following letter to MPEI, dated November 9, 1956:

"""There was a time when I cleaned and filled kerosene lamps each day; when I carried water from the stream up the steep little hillside to the house; when I heated water on a wood stove and washed over a board - and laboriously tended the heavy irons in the same manner. When I placed perishables in a little wire cage outside a north window and hung my meat in the garage - striving (vainly at times) to keep things from freezing too hard or from spoiling in the heat. When, in my craft work, I sewed and polished by hand - when I slept under a pile of heavy quilts and blankets, on those 50-degree below nights which left me as weary each morning as I had been when I went to bed.

For the brilliant light which comes at the touch of my finger - for the water which flows at my command (hot or cold), for all the wonder-working appliances which ease my day, for the soft, light blanket which keeps me toasty, warm in any temperature - for these- and oh so many things I THANK YOU! Not only this time of year, but every day of the every year - I say it gratefully and I remember 'the good old days' when there was no electricity to lighten and brighten my world."

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