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Green Power Program & Net Metering

A friendly reminder from Mountain Parks Electric (MPE), your trusted energy provider since 1946:

MPE is not affiliated with door-to-door or telemarketing energy sales companies. If you are contacted by a salesperson claiming to be affiliated with MPE, please call us at (970) 887-3378. Also, please note that if you are considering installing a renewable energy system at your home or business within MPE's service area, you must complete and submit (and follow the requirements stated within) MPE's INTERCONNECT AGREEMENT to qualify for net-metering. MPE's INTERCONNECT AGREEMENT is available upon request. Call (970) 887-3378 OPTION 3 to request one. 


MPE established the Green Power Program in 1999, providing an opportunity for its member-owners to support renewable energy.

Green Power Program History & Stats

To contribute to MPE's Green Power Program:Image may contain: sky, cloud, ocean, bridge, outdoor, nature and water

  1. Join over 1,200 MPE members by signing up today by contributing as little as $1.00 a month (an adder to your monthly electric bill). These funds are collected and earmarked to help defray the cost of installing local renewables. Through this program, since 2011, more than $170,000 has been invested in local green projects.
  2. Fill out the Green Power Contribution Form and submit it to MPE 
  3. You will be billed for your Green Power Blocks on your monthly electric bill.


To apply for a local renewable energy installation rebate

- RESIDENTIAL: up to 25 kW nameplate 
- COMMERCIAL: up to 250 kW nameplate


NOTE: You must submit your rebate application within 4 months of the purchase date.



Net Metering

Please be advised: If you are installing a solar array intended for net metering, you must first complete MPE's interconnect agreement below and follow the required steps. 



Federal Tax Credit for Renewable Installations


Other Renewable Energy Endeavors

MPE is invested in and committed to renewable energy. Hydroelectric, wind, solar and other renewable projects are vital to our community and preserving our resources.


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