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MPE Tariffs

MPE Section I - IV Tariffs regarding (I) Utility Operations, (II) Rate Schedules, (III) Service Rules & Regulations and (IV) Consumer Complaints are on file with the Colorado Public Utilities Commission and are available upon request. Contact us at 970.887.3378 or email us at Below, you will find the links to Section II "Rate Schedule" information included in MPE's Tariffs and Tariff 330.00 Net Metering.


201.00  Rate Classification and Assignment       

201.01  Rate Review


202.00  Rate Schedules

                      The Cooperative’s rate schedules are as follows (Section 202.01 through 202.09):

202.01  General Service Small                     

202.02  General Service Time-Of-Use

202.03  Small Power

202.04  Large Power

202.05  Large Power Time-Of-Use

202.06  Outdoor and Municipal Street Lighting

202.08  Water Diversion Pumping Project

202.09  Renewable Resource (Green Power) Optional Rider

202.10  Standard Interconnected Qualifying Facility (General Service Classification)


203.00  Billing Adjustments

The Cooperative shall adjust bills in accordance with the following adjustments (203.01 through 203.03):

203.01  Sales Tax

203.02  Franchise Fee

203.03  Meter Error Adjustment


204.00  Service Fees

                      The Cooperative’s rate schedules are as follows (Section 204.01 through 204.13):

204.01  Trip Fee/Connect Fee

204.02  Investigation Fee

204.03  Change of Records Fee

204.04  Service Availability Charge

204.05  Returned Check Fee

204.06  Meter Test Fee

204.07  Delinquent Accounts

204.08  Deferred Payment Plan Fee

204.09  Reproduction of Tariff Sheets

204.10  Relocation or Temporary Placement of Facilities

204.11  Engineering Deposits and Fees

204.12  Cancellation of Contract

204.13  Meter Tampering


205.00  Construction Charges

These construction charges apply to new services or service upgrades and new line extensions built under the current edition of the Cooperative’s “Electric Service Construction Standards” where the customer or their electrician/contractor does some of the work at separate cost. These charges will be reviewed annually and may be updated at any time with 30-day public notice. Applicable capacity charges shall be paid in addition to construction charges.


205.01  Construction Charge for New Services, Primary Line Extensions, or Other Projects – Site Specific Line Extension Contracts

205.02  Transformer Charges

205.03  Indirect Charges


330.00   Net Metering

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